Top Engagement Ring Setting Styles

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Top Engagement Ring Setting Styles

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From traditional to modern, the setting you choose should reflect the personal style of your soon-to-be fiancé. This article was written to help guide you through the different setting styles that we have found to be the most popular. 
The following make up the top categories of engagement ring setting styles: Solitaire, Halo-Style, Three-Stone, Diamond Accented and Vintage-Inspired.
solitaire diamond engagement ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire engagement ring has one single diamond in the center. It gives the opportunity to show off the diamond in a setting that will never go out of style. Solitaire engagement ring settings give maximum exposure to your diamond, so very good quality in the diamond is essential.
Although the solitaire holds such simplicity, there are actually a lot of elements that differentiate this look. Some examples of the different solitaire styles are peg heads, cathedral setting and basket setting.  
  • Peg Heads - This is the most common solitaire engagement ring setting style. The band (shank) and the prongs that hold the diamond are two separate pieces that are soldered together. Peg heads can be a different metal type than the shank (for example a white gold ring can have a rose gold peg head holding the diamond to give it a more personal touch). Also, it is important to know that peg heads are generally a higher profile setting and are more prone to damage if you are rough with your hands. 
  • Cathedral SettingThis style of solitaire is a similar version of a peg head, the prongs and shank are still two separate pieces. However, the difference is that this ring setting slopes upwards creating a steeple-like look toward the stone using arches of metal to hold the diamond, giving it that graceful cathedral lookThe cathedral setting is not as high profile as the peg head.
    • Basket Setting This simple setting is a type of prong setting. Four or six prongs rise up from the base of the band for the stone to sit in and horizontal prongs are added to create the 'basket' shape. This basket of metalwork has open sides, allowing light to hit the stone from all angles. A basket setting can have straight sides, which is a more contemporary look, or curved sides to create a more elegant look.
halo style diamond engagement ring

Halo Engagement Ring 

 The halo setting is when the center diamond in the engagement ring is surrounded and complemented by a border of smaller diamonds. This style is popular because it gives the illusion of a much larger center stone. From far away it looks like one big sparkly diamond, which also gives you more bang for your buck. There are different types of halos including flush halo, floating halo and double halo.   
  • Flush Halo - The diamonds around the center stone are flush up against it, making the actual diamond appear larger than it is.  Sometimes a flush halo setting can get in the way of a wedding band if there is not enough height between the shank and where the main diamond sits on top.

  • Floating Halo - The center stone is held apart and raised slightly above the halo by the prongs. This creates a small gap between the surrounding halo and the center stone called an 'airline', which gives it that floating appearance.

  • Double Halo - This is just like it sounds, two halo circles around the center diamond. The double halo will make the diamond look even larger and give it that extra sparkle.
three stone diamond engagement ring

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

This timeless engagement ring setting has two mirroring stones on either side of a larger center stone, equaling three stones total (giving the ring it's name). Three-stone engagement rings are often used to represent a couple's life together because they symbolize the past, present and future of the relationship. Besides the romance and sentiment this ring style holds, the three-stone setting has recently become a popular engagement ring design again. 
diamond accented engagement ring

Diamond Accented Engagement Ring

Diamond accented rings are among the most popular styles for engagement rings. Diamond accents are small but visible diamonds that are added to the engagement ring in addition to the main center diamond. This will be an additional cost, but it will enhance the ring design. Accent stones typically appear on the setting of a ring design. Their color and clarity should match closely to the quality of the center diamond. Some examples of accented engagement rings are hidden design elements, simples accents and side clusters.  

    • Hidden design elements -  Also considered as a surprise detail. This is a special element that is added to the ring's design that can't be seen from the top view of the ring. If you view the ring from the side, it can reveal dainty metalwork and hidden accent stones. These intricate details will make a classic ring feel more unique and personal. 

    • Simple accents - A classic accented engagement ring has a simple row of prong set accent stones along the top half of the band. They perfectly complement the center stone, no matter the shape.

    • Side clustersClustering accent stones on either side of the center stone combines the silhouette of a three-stone design with the simplicity of an accented ring. The cluster of accents takes up more space than a single row of accent stones, which makes this a bolder element of a ring. 
vintage inspired diamond engagement ring

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring

Vintage engagement rings are inspired by the charm of the past. Don't let the word vintage scare you. Vintage engagement rings are often remakes using old styles but new technology. This style of engagement ring commonly includes intricate hand engraved details such as filigree and milgrain as part of the design. Filigree is a pattern of metalwork which can be used in numerous places on the ring, usually as part of the gallery. Milgrain is the addition of tiny beads of metal as decoration on any part of the ring from the crown to the gallery to the band. Like today, there were different styles for engagement rings during these periods. While there are many variations of vintage rings, they can be classified into three main categories: Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco.  
  1. Victorian Engagement Rings: 1837-1901- Victorian engagement rings are marked by incredibly decorative and embellished engravings and are still sought after by brides looking for something different. Victorian rings were usually crafted in yellow gold and rose gold, as both metal colors were Queen Victoria’s favorite. Most Victorian rings have a large center stone that is often paired with several small-cut stones to form a halo. 
  2. Edwardian Engagement Rings: 1901-1915 - The style of this era was light and delicate, displaying a feminine and romantic quality. Platinum was the precious metal of choice in Edwardian times. The strength of platinum allowed jewelers to produce extremely intricate and detailed pieces. Because platinum was so is easy to work with is why you will find a lot of lace-like nature designs in Edwardian style rings, such as flowers, ribbons, scrolls and laurel wreathes. 
  3. Art Deco Engagement Rings: 1920-1945  - Art Deco has influenced jewelry more than any other industry and is probably the most popular type of vintage ring there is. They have a bold geometric look with symmetrical sharp angles causing a dramatic effect. Jewelry designers from the Art Deco era typically paired larger center stones with geometrically shaped accents of sapphires, emeralds or rubies.

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