Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

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Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is approaching and we’re here to help you choose the perfect gift for the special mom in your life, whether it’s your mom, wife, sister, grandmother or your best friend. All moms are different and it can be tough to figure out which piece mom would like best. Our Mother’s Day gift guide is here to help! Whether your mom is trendy, sporty, artistic or classically elegant, we’ve covered just about all the different types of moms out there and the jewelry they would love to wear. 

Jewelry Gifts for a New Mom

Her first Mother’s Day is special & sentimental, making it a perfect time to give her a gift that she’ll cherish forever. Infants love to grab… pull… explore, so dangly earrings would not be the best option for this new mom. Luckily, diamond studs are a baby-proof and fashionable choice which makes them the perfect gift. You could make your jewelry gift even more personal by selecting a piece that features the baby’s birthstone. This way, the New Mom has another precious reminder of the new baby.

Jewelry Gifts for a Working Mom 

Working moms face a daily balancing act of home and office responsibilities.  Show mom how much you appreciate how hard she works both at home and away with a gift that shows how much you love and value all she does. You should lean toward classically elegant pieces that look great with both work attire and more casual outfits. For instance, a beautiful watch is a perfect choice as it’s practical while also looking stunning on her wrist. Or something that never goes out of style, such as a diamond tennis bracelet, or a simple, yet elegant pendant are a must for this mom.

Jewelry Gifts for a Sporty Mom

Sporty moms are jewelry fans too! You’ll find the Sporty Mom jogging, playing tennis, or doing yoga. Since she is always on the go, she’ll need jewelry that goes with her active lifestyle. Whether it’s a bangle with a charm representing her favorite sport, or a watch or earrings that are perfect for wearing while going for a run, we’ve got plenty of choices to make Sporty Mom’s day!

Jewelry Gifts for an Artistic Mom

She’s all about color and unique designs. Artistic mom will love colored gemstones, birthstone jewelry and pieces with intricate patterns. Gemstones are eye-catching and also tend to be less expensive than diamonds. A bejeweled gift that’s crafty and artistic will make her day.

Jewelry Gifts for a Classic Mom

"Style" is the defining word for the Classic Mom. Perhaps she channels Audrey Hepburn as her Hollywood fashion icon. Pearls are always a classic fashion staple and would make Classic Mom feel like royalty. Maybe she summers on Martha’s Vineyard or in the Hamptons. Art Deco jewelry will never go out of style, a pair of diamond Art Deco earrings will look fabulous on Classic Mom. Wherever she goes and whatever she does, she is the epitome of grace and elegance. That’s why a gift of jewelry is a smart choice.

Jewelry Gifts for a Trendy Mom

The Trendy Mom stays up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and is not afraid to experiment. She follows all the fashion blogs and knows exactly what styles all the celebrities are wearing. She’s modern, chic, and will appreciate a gift that makes an eye-catching statement because she always sports the hottest looks. These styles, like stackable rings and layered necklaces are sure to make a Trendy Mom's day. 


Mother's Day Jewelry

Knowing moms specific style is the key to figuring out what type of Mother's Day Jewelry is perfect for her. We hope this guide takes some of the guesswork out of choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for mom this year. 

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