You may have changed, but your jewelry didn’t; so a trade might be an interesting option instead of selling. Maybe you don't necessarily need the money from selling an unwanted piece of jewelry but you see something you like in our Boca Raton jewelry store. Rather than selling your gold, you can trade in your gold valuables to use towards anything else in the store!

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 What Exactly is Jewelry Trade-In?

An alternative to selling your jewelry for cash is to exchange it for a new item. The jeweler will offer you a trade-in price that you won’t receive in cash but will be able to use for the purchase of another item from the store. In such a case, you will sometimes have to pay some additional money to cover the difference between the trade-in value and the new item’s retail price. Usually, trade-in deals will give you a better value for your jewelry than if you sell it for cash. Jewelers will be willing to offer you a better trade-in price since you will make a new purchase at their store. 

Where to Trade In Your Jewelry in Boca Raton?

If you’re wondering where to trade in your jewelry or watch for a fair price, consider Devon's Diamonds & Decor. We offer a jewelry trade-in program that allows you to trade in your old pieces towards the purchase of something new and stunning. Your old jewelry might be worth more if you choose to trade it toward the purchase of new jewelry at our jewelry store in Boca Raton. When you visit, our team of experts will carefully examine your jewelry to determine the quality and condition of your piece as well as any special attributes which may increase value. Signed jewelry pieces will fetch even more value towards a trade up. There are many factors which impact the value, but the most important usually are metal content (14 karat vs. 18 karat gold vs. Platinum for example), the total weight of the metal, plus any diamonds or gemstones, and the quality of the materials and the workmanship. Our experts will then provide you with an accurate evaluation and discuss how much we are willing to offer you to trade your jewelry.  

Vintage Jewelry Trade-In

Often times jewelry owners do not realize how much their vintage jewelry is actually worth. Old diamonds such as old euro's and old mine cuts are very desirable in todays jewelry marketplace. Don't be surprised when that old diamond your grandparents bought 30 years ago has tripled in worth. Vintage brooches and pins are also good candidates for trade in. Often times a brooch that never gets worn contains superior workmanship and is worth more than you think. Old omega necklaces or herringbone necklaces contain large amounts of gold and will sometimes cover the new piece of your dreams. 
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How to Get the Best Price for Your Jewelry

When trading in your unwanted jewelry there are two things you can do to make sure you get as high a price as possible:

If you have any documentation related to your jewelry, bring it with you. certificates are the most useful because they help the jeweler establish the quality of your items. Beware sometimes appraisals are for retail replacement value and are inflated. Do not be surprised if your trade in amount is significantly less then what's on the appraisal. If you cannot find or present your diamond’s report, the jeweler may need to have the stone graded and incur additional costs, meaning that you will get a reduced price to compensate for these expenses.


The better your items look, the more attractive they will be to the buyer. This is especially important if you have diamonds or other gemstones because if they are free from any dirt, the jeweler will be able to establish their quality more accurately. Although the staff at the jewelry store will clean your jewelry anyway, it is good to have your piece cleaned for when it is first viewed.  

Jewelry Trade-In Near Me

Bring your rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and other fine jewelry to the experts at Devon's Diamonds & Decor. We will take the time to carefully consider the unique value of your jewelry. Our family of fourth generation jewelers will perform a detailed assessment, free of charge, while you wait. 
Our verbal assessments are free and at no cost to you. And with no appointment necessary, free parking, and a convenient location, Devon's Diamonds & Decor ensures that trading in your unwanted jewelry in Boca Raton is easy and convenient. Bring in your old and unwanted jewelry or watches to our jewelry store in Boca Raton and walk out with a head-turning piece. If you would like to talk more about trading in your jewelry, or if you would like to see what your jewelry is worth, pay us a visit at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.
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