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Rings 101

A ring is a round band, usually of precious metal, worn as ornamental jewelry. It has consistently been the most popular piece of jewelry throughout time. Although people wear some rings as mere ornaments, or as conspicuous displays of wealth, rings have symbolic functions in relation to marriage, exceptional achievement, high status or authority, membership in an organization, and the like.


At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we carry a unique variety of rings in Boca Raton. Whether shopping for an anniversary band for your spouse or you have a special event to attend and you're looking for a fabulous cocktail ring, all of our rings are set with top quality diamonds. At our jewelry store in Boca Raton, the rings we carry are all crafted in either 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold or platinum. 

Listed below are the different types of rings that are available at Devon's. We hope this guide will help you get a better understanding of the differences in the styles of rings.


Anniversary Band

white gold diamond anniversary band

An anniversary band is simply a wedding band, just given on an anniversary and not on your wedding day. Most anniversary bands have diamonds or gemstones that are set 1/3 or 1/2 of the way around the perimeter of the band. Today, a popular style ring that is given on an anniversary is the eternity ring, in which the diamonds go all the way around the band. Anniversary Bands can be worn alongside a wedding band, as a different version of your wedding band, or you can even wear it as a spectacular right hand ring. The possibilities are endless with an anniversary bands in Boca Raton!


Antique Ring

An antique ring is considered antique if it is about 100 years old or older. Many Art Deco rings from the 1920s are now considered antique, especially those made in the earlier part of the decade. When a ring is called "antique" by a reliable dealer, you can rest assured that the heirloom is very old.


Birthstone Ring

ruby and diamond birthstone ring
birthstone ring is a ring that features precious or semi-precious gemstones that are associated with the specific month of a person’s birth. Birthstones have been around since ancient history, and in those days were believed to possess some magical force that could protect the owner or wearer of the stone. Today, many people love to wear jewelry that is set with their birthstone, as the ancient meanings and associations with these stones still intrigue them. A birthstone ring is a perfect way to make a ring more meaningful and personalized for its wearer.
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Cluster Ring

white gold diamond cluster ring
A cluster ring is a ring with multiple diamonds or gemstones of various sizes fashioned together in one setting. It can also feature a primary diamond in the center that is surrounded by a circular halo of smaller diamonds. Technically, any ring with a halo of diamonds can be classed as a cluster but, traditionally, the outer pattern needs to follow the shape of the smaller diamonds in order to truly be a cluster ring.

Cocktail Ring

tri color diamond statement ring
A cocktail ring is a large, dramatic ring that rises considerably off the finger. It originated in the 1930’s, when it was worn to cocktail parties. It is usually set with many large, colored imitation gems and smaller faux diamonds, and is meant to look lavish and overdone. Cocktail rings were – and still are – predominantly worn on the right hand, in order to provide yet more separation from engagement, wedding, eternity or other more personal rings. They are intended for wearing during specific occasions, where the elaborate and excessive become the normal for the evening, and are by no means an everyday ring. Have a formal event or special occasion to attend? Visit our jewelry store to find the perfect cocktail ring in Boca Raton.

Engagement Ring

white gold diamond engagement ring
An engagement ring is a ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged to be married. This ring is presented as an engagement gift by a partner to their prospective spouse when they propose marriage or directly after a marriage proposal is accepted. It is worn on the left finger.
Looking for engagement rings in Boca Raton? Visit Devon's Diamonds & Decor. We have a large selection of rings with unique styles, but our specialty is custom design. Stop by our jewelry store in Boca Raton to design the perfect engagement ring.
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Estate Ring

An estate ring is a ring that was previously owned and could have been bought as recently as last year. This type of ring is usually part of a deceased person’s estate (hence the name). Therefore, an estate ring is not necessarily antique and may include fine or costume rings from any time period. 

Eternity Band

white gold diamond eternity band
An eternity band is a type of ring that features diamonds or gemstones all around its entire band, attracting attention at every angle. This style of ring is uniform in width and set with one or more continuous rows of identically cut gemstones or diamonds. The stones completely surround the band and are usually prong or channel set. Eternity bands have always symbolized everlasting love and are often gifted to a loved one on special occasions and other important milestones. Although today, you often see eternity bands in Boca Raton, worn as wedding bands.
At our jewelry store in Boca Raton, we make all of our eternity bands to order. The person's finger size, depends on the number of diamonds that will be set in the ring. Also, due to the different setting styles, diamond shapes and diamond qualities that a person desires, the best way is to make the eternity band custom for you.
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Fashion Ring

white gold diamond fashion ring
A fashion ring is a type of ring worn to solely express one’s fashion style rather than to signify an important event such as an engagement (with an engagement ring), a wedding (with a wedding ring), a graduation (with a class ring), or commitment (with a promise ring). At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, fashion rings in Boca Raton come in many styles and are very popular because they can be worn for many different occasions. 

Promise Ring

white gold diamond halo promise ring
A promise ring is a small ring that shows a sign of commitment between two people. Often, it is the first token of a serious relationship that is just developing, but exchanging promise rings can equally be a symbol of a joint commitment which is not related to love. It isn't always necessarily a precursor to an engagement ring.
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Signet Ring

yellow gold signet ring
A signet ring is set apart from other rings based on an engraved or raised symbol, series of words or letters, or image on the top half of the ring that was representative of its wearer in some way. It could have been a name, initials, job title, rank, organization or family crest. A college ring is an example of a signet ring.

Stackable Rings

tri color diamond stackable rings
Stackable rings are pretty much just what it sounds like; two or more bands that are meant to be worn together on the same finger. They can be identical or set with different stones, crafted in different metals and their size may vary as well, as long as they look appealing stacked together. Stackable rings in Boca Raton have become an extremely popular trend because people can really express their creativity.

Three Stone Ring

diamond three stone engagement ring
A three stone ring is a ring that features three larger stones which may symbolize past, present, and future. The three stones may be of different gemstones, colors, shapes, and sizes, but they do need to complement each other and usually offer some degree of symmetry. At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we design three stone rings in Boca Raton to be worn as an engagement rings or fashion rings.

Vintage Ring

yellow gold coral and diamond ring
A vintage ring has to be at least 20 to 30 years old to be considered vintage. This could be anything made during the 1990s or earlier. Vintage rings are now making a comeback in style. It differs from an antique ring, which would be a ring crafted over a 100 years ago. Vintage is probably the most common term of the three (antique, estate, vintage) since it encompasses a large collection of periods when jewelry was mass-produced.

Wedding Ring

yellow gold diamond five stone wedding band
A wedding ring, also known as a wedding band, is a ring that is uniform in width, with no discernible “top”, worn by married men and women to signify that they are married. Depending on culture, a wedding ring is typically worn on the base of the left or right ring finger. The ring may be a single gold band or can be engraved or set with diamonds or gemstones. A wedding band is given to both spouses on their wedding day. 
Looking for wedding bands in Boca Raton? Look no further than Devon's Diamonds & Decor. We will help you and your fiancé choose the best wedding bands that fit your style and budget. If you are looking for a personalized, custom-made wedding band, custom design is are our specialty!
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Stop by Devon's Diamonds & Decor to view the beautiful selection of rings that we carry in our showroom. Our family owned and operated jewelry store in Boca Raton has rings for any style and occasion. 

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Looking to design a custom ring?

Custom rings are a great option if you’re looking for something that’s uniquely yours. When you create a custom ring, you can tailor every last detail of your ring to perfectly suit you, from its design to its materials. This allows you to create the ring of your dreams; which is why so many people choose custom rings over generic ones.  Ready to start building the ring of your dreams? Visit our Boca Raton jewelry store or give us a call at (561) 430-6988.


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