When you’re unable to wear a watch because it is broken or in bad condition, you need an expert in watch repair to take care of it. Look no further, Devon's Diamonds & Decor, our family of fourth-generation jewelers handles watch repair in Boca Raton. From watch batteries to an overhaul, we provide our customers with top-notch personalized service. 


Watch Repair Services in Boca Raton

When you visit Devon's Diamonds & Decor, you can expect a wide variety of services for jewelry repair and watch repair in Boca Raton, including:  
  • battery replacement

  • adding or removing links (resizing)

  • watch overhaul

  • new gaskets

  • refinishing

  • band replacement

  • waterproofing

These are just a few of the repairs that we can help you with at Devon's Diamonds & Decor. Our experienced team can assist you with any sort of repair that you need. Whether the issue is simple or more complex, we are happy to provide you with high-quality repair services so we can get your watch back to its original condition. 


Here at Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we have found that the most common watch repairs in Boca Raton are: resizing watches, replacing watchbands and replacing the batteries in watches

Watch Resizing

If you’ve lost weight, gained weight or inherited a watch from a family member that is either too small or too large for you to wear, this service will benefit you. Watch resizing is a service that makes it so you’re able to wear a timepiece that you weren’t able to use in the past.

Watchband Replacement

There are many reasons that a watch band might need to be replaced and a variety of options for replacing them. One example might be simply personal taste. Depending on the material it is made from or the color or pattern printed on the band, it can make the new statement you're looking for. Another example might be that your band is beat up or broken. A worn watchband takes away from the overall appearance of a watch. It also proves problematic because it may become loose or break while you’re wearing it. Replacing the watchband will add security to the timepiece. 

Battery Replacement 

 If your watch stops ticking, most of the time you need to get the battery replaced. Bring your watch into Devon's Diamonds & Decor in Boca Raton to be inspected by our watch experts, and we will figure out if that is indeed the problem. Once the battery is tested and it is identified that the battery needs to be replaced, the back of the watch gets opened in order to reach the watch movement. The type and size of the battery gets determined and gets replaced with a new one. 


For top-notch watch repair in Boca Raton, visit our jewelry store in Royal Palm Place or contact Devon's Diamonds & Decor at (561)430-6988