The Complete Guide to Wedding Bands

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The Complete Guide to Wedding Bands

A wedding ring or wedding band is a ring that indicates that its wearer is married. Depending on culture, a wedding ring is typically worn on the base of the left or right ring finger. It is believed that the first examples of wedding rings started 6,000 years ago from the Ancient Egyptians. They considered the circle to be a symbol of eternity and the ring served to signify the perpetual love of the spouses. This is also where the tradition of wearing wedding bands on the ring (fourth) finger of the left hand originated. The Ancient Egyptians believed that this finger enclosed a special vein that was connected directly to the heart. Hence, the romantics among us choose this as the place to wear their ring. Since then, science has corrected this theory, but the tradition still lives on. 


One of the first steps for choosing a wedding band in Boca Raton is deciding on which metal you like. Choosing a metal for the band of your wedding ring is quite important, as not only are there many options, but each of them also have unique properties. Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium, and many others can be used to create gorgeous rings, and you can be as creative or traditional as you’d like. 
Since your wedding ring will adorn your finger forever, rather than choose a metal that is currently trending, choose one that will work for you. Your lifestyle could dictate the metal you choose, depending on the wear and tear that it goes through, but it could also be a more personal, aesthetic choice for some. Choose a metal that will work with your style, skin tone, and other jewelry for the rest of your life. 


When it comes to buying wedding bands in Boca Raton the options are endless. No matter what your style, here at Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we can custom create the wedding ring of your dreams. Once you have decided on the precious metal of choice, there are a variety of different setting styles for you to choose from...

Plain Wedding Bands

As the name suggests, a plain wedding band is a smooth-surfaced band without any diamonds or stones on it. Plain wedding bands can come in solid white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, or any other metal you choose.
rose gold plain wedding band

Eternity Bands

Eternity bands are made up of a precious metal and are set with an unbroken line of diamonds or colored gemstones, which represent never ending love. Due to the intricacy of the full eternity design, make sure that when ordering the ring that it is the correct size because most eternity bands cannot be resized once they are made.

white gold diamond eternity band

Prong-Set Wedding Bands

This type of setting refers to the tines of metal that are used to secure the gemstone. This allows the light to shine on the gem from more angles. The most common prong set bands that you will see today are 5-stone wedding bands and 7-stone wedding bands. These are a more practical alternative to the eternity band because the design only fits stones into the top half of the band. This makes the ring more durable and comfortable to wear every day.
rose gold diamond wedding band

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Bands 

Vintage-inspired wedding rings have been slowly and steadily making a comeback in the last few years. Vintage-inspired wedding bands are great for the woman who has a classic and timeless style. These kinds of wedding bands are typically made with fancy cut diamonds such as marquise or baguettes and are sometimes in a bezel-setting. A bezel is a rim of metal that encases each diamond following the shape. This style is perfect if you’re looking for a vintage or retro look. Most of the time vintage-inspired rings consist of milgrain and hand-engraving.
platinum vintage inspired diamond wedding band

Stackable Wedding Bands

Over the past two years, jewelry stacking has become increasingly popular. This layering trend has modern brides swooning over the endless options it holds. Can’t decide between yellow or rose gold? The beauty of stacking is the ability to pair various styles and colors. You can showcase your personality and style with different gemstones, metals, and width of rings.
tri color diamond stackable rings

Pavé Wedding Bands

The pavé band is a style that refers to diamonds placed closely together in a continuous row, held in by little beads of metal. Pave wedding bands can come in a single row or multi-row, which usually consists of anywhere from three to six rows. This style is ideal if you want to minimize the appearance of metal from the side. 
white gold diamond pave set wedding band

Channel-Set Wedding Bands

For this type of setting, the diamonds are held securely in place by grooves on both walls of the "channel" which is made of two strips of precious metal. Channel set wedding bands are considered the most secure type of setting along with the bezel.
yellow gold diamond channel set wedding band

Curved Wedding Bands

Curved wedding bands are typically custom fit around your engagement ring setting. This ensures that there are no spaces or gaps between the rings.  This close fit will give your wedding set a well matched look.  
white gold diamond curved wedding band



Luckily, the days of boring men's wedding bands are over. Jewelers today recognize that men want to show off their style too. When it comes to buying men's wedding bands in Boca Raton, there are a few things to consider.


Men’s wedding bands come in a variety of widths. On average, the width of a men’s wedding band is about 8 millimeters wide. However, they can range anywhere from 2mm to 12mm+. Narrower bands can make for a subtle choice, while wider ones create a more noticeable look. Wider rings tend to be more expensive, as they require a larger quantity of precious metal, but you can balance size and price by choosing a metal that’s within your budget.


While every metal used for men’s wedding band styles are designed to be durable and stand up to day-to-day life, the truth is that they’re all still different. The three most common metals used when crafting men's wedding bands are gold, platinum, and tungsten. 
  • GOLD wedding bands are a traditional classic and very popular among grooms. As a precious metal, gold maintains its value, and can even increase in value over the years, making it an extremely smart investment. Gold wedding bands are available in either 14 karat or 18 karat and in three colors: white, rose, and yellow. Gold is a soft and malleable metal, so it can be resized. However, it’s malleability also means that it’s less durable than some of the other metals and will show scratches over time. Gold is not hypo-allergenic, so it is not recommended for those with sensitive skin.
  • PLATINUM is a rare metal and holds a certain level of prestige. Similar to gold, Platinum is also a precious metal and maintains its value over the years. It also is soft and prone to scratching. Unlike gold however, it is 100% hypoallergenic and highly recommended for those with metal allergies or sensitive skin. Platinum is dense and therefore has a nice weight to it and has a natural silvery grey color.
  • TUNGSTEN bands are growing in popularity with today’s grooms as it is less expensive than gold and extremely scratch resistant. Tungsten is available in a variety of colors and the rings have a modern, sleek look. Tungsten is very dense and much heavier when compared to the other metals. Tungsten cannot be resized so you really want to be sure you have the perfect fit. Tungsten is very resilient and a great choice for active people, although we never recommend wearing wedding bands (or any jewelry) when participating in any demanding activity that involves the active use of your hands. 


In general, a men’s wedding band should gently slide over the knuckle, but still fit snugly on the finger. The metal you choose can affect the fit by how heavy it feels on your finger. Metals like platinum tend to be heavier on the finger, due to its density. If ring weight is a concern, look for styles that are specifically designed to be lightweight.


Men’s wedding bands have a variety of options to fit any style. At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, there are three different finishing options to choose from for men's wedding bands. High Polish, Satin, and Hammered.
  • High Polish: A high polish finish is the most popular finish for men's wedding bands in Boca Raton. High polish gives the ring a reflective, shiny surface; creating an attractive look. Although, some polished metals (like white gold) can be prone to scratching.
white gold mens wedding band
  • Satin (Matte): A satin (or matte) finish on men’s wedding band styles are similar to high polish in that it gives the ring a smooth and shiny look. However, it doesn’t reflect light, cutting down on the flashiness for those guys who don’t want to draw too much attention to their rings. A common style is having a satin finish in the center with a high polish finish on the outer edges.
rose gold matte finish mens wedding band
    • Hammered: A hammered finish looks as if a tiny hammer has pounded the metal to create a textured effect. Hammered wedding bands are popular with men who want a unique, eye-catching look.  
    yellow gold hammered mens wedding band


        Men’s wedding bands are all circular, but there are multiple options when it comes to structure. 

        • Dome (Comfort Fit): A dome structure on a wedding band gives it a rounded appearance on the surface and edges of the ring. It is crafted using extra metal to make the inside of the band slightly domed resulting in a very comfortable fit. At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we generally recommend comfort fit wedding bands to our customers but it's really a matter of preference.
        • Flat: A flat shape on a men’s wedding band is exactly what it sounds like: A band with no curves and straight edges on the ring. This wedding band is a lot less form fitting and comfortable for the wearer.
        • Concave: A concave structure is the opposite of the dome. The surface of the ring curves inward in the middle, creating a unique shape. 


        Not long ago, there were very few options in men’s wedding bands beyond the choice of metal. These days the options are endless. While some men still prefer the timeless plain wedding ring, others want to infuse their wedding ring with their personal style for a more contemporary or detailed look.  A few options for detailing include diamondsmilgrain and carving.


        Diamond Wedding Bands

        A thin row of diamonds, could be just the thing for a man who likes to stand out in a crowd. Diamonds are also the most durable gemstones, making them well-suited for the active man.
        yellow gold mens diamond wedding band

          Milgrain Wedding Bands 

          Adding small details and texture to rings with milgrain (small balls of metal work) was a common practice back in the first half of the 20th century, but it’s making a comeback in modern designs. Milgrain could be just the subtle element for a man who wants to show off his style without being too flashy.
          white gold milgrain mens wedding band

            Carved Wedding Bands

            Like milgrain, carving adds detail and substance to a ring without adding extra gemstones. The carving can be simple or as intricate and detailed as you want.
            yellow and white gold carved mens wedding band


              Now that both the womens wedding rings and mens wedding rings have been discussed... it's time to answer some common questions:

              TO MATCH OR NOT TO MATCH?

              This really is a question only you can answer as a couple. There is no right or wrong decision. 

              • Matching Wedding Bands: If you and your partner want to honor tradition then you can choose to have matching wedding bands. After all, matching wedding bands are thought to be symbols of equality, togetherness, and similarity between you and your spouse.
              • Complementing Wedding BandsIf identically matching isn’t necessarily your thing, but you and your partner would like for your bands to complement one another, consider meeting somewhere in the middle. For example, you can choose to share the same metal type or color but include different designs. 
              • Non-Matching Wedding Bands: If you and your partner prefer to express your own individual styles, then non-matching wedding bands are the way to go. Non-matching wedding bands show that you both bring individuality to the relationship you have entered into.


              Engraving adds a personal touch to the wedding bands that you and your partner have chosen. Engraving makes that particular ring unique and gives it an extra special value. It is something that is shared only by you and your partner. Click here to learn more about engraving.


              Tradition suggests that the wedding band should be worn inside of the engagement ring, so it’s closest to your heart. But really, it's your choice and you should wear it however it feels most comfortable.


              The simplest way to determine the size for a wedding band is to match the size of the wearer’s engagement ring or another existing ring in their jewelry collection. If you are unable to do this, visit our jewelry store in Boca Raton and we will take your finger measurement for you.     


              While there are a few ways to clean your wedding bands at home, the best way to clean any piece of jewelry is with a professional jeweler. Stop by for a free jewelry cleaning in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.


              Looking for wedding rings in Boca Raton? Look no further than Devon's Diamonds & Decor. Our team of fourth-generation jewelers will help you and your fiancé choose the best wedding bands that fit your style and budget. 
              yellow gold diamond wedding band

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