Which Diamond Shape Suits You?

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Which Diamond Shape Suits You?

There are so many shapes that diamonds can be made into. When it comes to diamonds, most people tend to use the word "shape" and "cut" as one in the same. Did you know that there is actually a very big difference? 


Diamond Shape refers to the outline and appearance of the diamond (oval, pear, round, etc.) Diamond Cut refers to a diamond's arrangement of facets and it's ability to reflect light. A shape can be faceted in a variety of ways, or cutting styles.  A facet is a flat surface on the geometric shape of the diamond.
The most common facet arrangement, known as the brilliant cut, is applied to many shapes. It consists of 58 facets (if a culet facet is included) or 57 facets (if the culet is pointed). Any diamond that is not a round brilliant cut diamond is referred to as having a "fancy shape" or "fancy cut".


There are many diamond shapes available to suit every personality type and taste preference. This article will highlight the ten most popular diamond shapes. 


round brilliant diamond boca raton

The round brilliant diamond is the most popular diamond shape. This is because the diamond offers remarkable white light reflection, also known as brilliance, due to it's large number of carefully constructed facets. These facets make the round cut diamond brighter and more brilliant than all of the other diamond shapes. Virtually all round diamonds are brilliant-cut, meaning that they have 58 facets. They are the only diamond shape that the GIA grades for cut.

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marquise diamond boca raton

The marquise diamond is a modified brilliant-cut, which features elongated, pointed ends that give it a curved, football shape. The marquise cut diamond’s long and narrow shape gives it an illusion of greater size than other shapes of the same carat weight. Symmetry is very important with this shape. The slightest difference can create an uneven, imbalanced look.

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princess diamond boca raton

The princess cut diamond is among the newest of the diamond cuts. It is a square-shaped diamond with sharp corners. This diamond cut often carries less premium then other diamond cuts because there is less waste in the shaping process. Typically this diamond retains about 80% of the original rough diamond which greatly reduces the cost of manufacture.

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cushion cut diamond boca raton

The cushion diamond gets its name from looking like a pillow cushion with its square shape and smooth, rounded corners. Some may appear more rectangular, while others are closer to squares. This diamond is a combination of a more modern, round brilliant cut pattern diamond with a classic, old mine facet pattern diamond cut. Cushion cut diamonds are generally less brilliant than round brilliant diamonds although they often have better fire, which is part of their appeal.

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emerald cut diamond boca raton

The emerald cut diamond features a rectangular profile with beveled corners, along with a large table that provides a view of the facets beneath. This creates the illusion of a larger size. These facets are not the same style as a brilliant cut. Concentric rows of step-cut facets are on the diamond's crown and pavilion which run parallel to the girdle, creating a mirrored effect that results in dramatic flashes of light. Since emerald cut diamonds typically have far fewer facets than other popular diamond shapes, they display less brilliance. 

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asscher cut diamond boca raton

The asscher diamond is an octagonally shaped diamond and is similar to the emerald cut because it has that same "step cut" design. The difference between them is that the asscher cut has more facets which makes them more sparkly then the emerald cut. The asscher cut diamond has a strong association with the Art Deco era. Because of the shape of the stone and the way the facets are cut, asscher cut diamonds have retained their classic appearance. 


radiant cut diamond boca raton
The radiant diamond has an eight-sided outline, and is typically square or rectangle in shape with beveled corners. This particular cut combines the shape and look of the emerald “step-cut” with the fire of the round “brilliant cut”. This produces one of the most dazzling sparkles on a square or rectangular stone. The radiant diamond is typically cut with 70 facets, enhancing their overall brilliance and fire. 


oval cut diamond boca raton

The oval diamond has probably the longest known history.  You can think of it as a round brilliant diamond that is stretched on its sides. Containing fire and brilliance, the oval diamond is suggestive of the round shape but is more unique. The oval can be narrow or wide, depending on personal preference.

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pear shaped diamond boca raton

The pear shaped diamond is considered a "fancy shape,” meaning it’s a shape other than round. Reminiscent of a tear drop, this diamond has a gently rounded bottom and a narrow, pointed top. This diamond shape is a mixture between the marquise cut and the round brilliant which gives its unique look. Also, like the marquise cut, symmetry is an extremely important factor. A pear shaped diamond tends to hold more color than a round brilliant. Therefore, it is best to choose a diamond that is high on the GIA color scale. 

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heart shaped diamond boca raton
The heart diamond is the ultimate symbol of love and romance but is relatively uncommon in diamond engagement rings. For a diamond with a distinct heart shape, choose one with balance and perfect symmetrical halves. Also keep into consideration of the diamond having a sharp cleft in the cut to enhance the shape of the heart. This is a very popular diamond around Valentine’s Day.




The beauty of jewelry is in the details. When buying diamond jewelry, have you ever noticed smaller diamonds added for extra sparkle? These small stones enhance the large center diamonds that you were viewing above. These smaller diamonds are called accent diamonds. While most customers focus on the main diamond – the center stone – accent diamonds often get overlooked.  


Accent diamonds (or sometimes called diamond accents) are smaller diamonds that are placed beside or around a large diamond in a jewelry piece to enhance its look, volume, sparkle, and design. They are an accent – an added piece and in a way, an elaboration to amplify the beauty of a jewelry piece. These small diamonds are available in different shapes. Accent diamonds are real diamonds. They are graded for color, cut, clarity and carat weight, just as large real diamonds. They are just smaller diamonds and hence less valuable individually.


The cut and shape of diamond accents can vary, but usually, they are found in a straight baguette, tapered baguette, trapezoid, trillion, bullet, half moon and classic round cuts. These shapes best complement different types of center gemstones while maintaining a reasonable price point.


 straight baguette diamond
A straight baguette diamond is perfectly rectangular, with two perpendicular sides.



tapered baguette diamond

A tapered baguette diamond narrows on one of the two ends, resulting in a unique trapezoidal shape.



trapezoid diamonds


A trapezoid cut diamond is a four sided shaped diamond with the top and bottom sides parallel and the other sides slanting inward. The outline looks like a triangle with one of the ends cut off.



trillion diamond


A trillion cut diamond is a diamond that's cut into a triangular shape. A typical trillion cut diamond will have three sides of equal length, with a flat table at its surface.



bullet diamond


A bullet cut diamond is traditionally a step cut diamond used as matched pair to center stones. The name comes from the shape of a bullet. 


half moon diamonds
A half moon diamond looks like a round cut or oval cut diamond that has been cut in half. One side of the diamond has a straight edge, while the other side has a curved edge.



round diamond


A round cut diamond, as mentioned above, is the most popular diamond shape, and that goes for accent diamonds as well. This is the most commonly used shape for accent diamonds set in jewelry.



As you can see, there are many different diamonds shapes to choose from. From accent diamonds to that beautiful center stone, we will help you find the perfect diamond shape at our jewelry store in Boca Raton.
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