Necklaces 101

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Necklaces 101

The necklace is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry any woman can have in her collection. The necklace is capable of not only completing a look but adding to it as well. It's the most exciting part of any outfit and often times you pick the outfit around the necklace. Whether you’re looking for necklaces in Boca Raton or just trying to determine which type of necklace will be your next buy, this guide to different types of necklaces will answer all your questions. 

diamond pendant


white gold cable chain

Jewelry chain types can create a distinctive style for each necklace. There are a lot of different link styles and combinations to create different fashionable looks. These are some of the most popular types of chain links: 


  • Cable Chain

The cable chain is one of the most classic and popular types of chains. This type of chain was created from interlocking oval links which are symmetrical, and uniform in width and thickness These cable links are fairly easy to make and work well with delicate pendants. 

  • Curb Chain

The curb chain is a variation of the cable chain with uniformly sized round or oval links that have been twisted and often diamond cut so that they lie flat along a surface.

  • Marine Chain

The marine chain is named for its similarity to nautical chains. It is comprised of oval links, each of which has a horizontal bar across the center. Marine links are similar to cable chains in that they can interlock, and curb links in that they rest flat.
  • Figaro Chain

The figaro chain is a modified version of the curb chain. The interlocking flat links vary in size and a pattern is usually formed with trios of smaller links alternating with an elongated oval link. These chains are usually worn by men and are often adorned with pendants such as crosses and medallions. The name “figaro” is Italian -- chain makers were inspired by famous operas and plays, one of which featured a barber named Figaro. 


    • Rope Chain

    The rope chain is the most popular textural chain style. The chain links of a rope chain are twisted and looped together in a pattern resembling a rope. 


    • Wheat Chain

    The wheat chain is named for its appearance similar to that of the tips of wheat stalks. Oval and twisted oval links are twisted together in the same direction to form the wheat chain.
    • Bead Chain

    The bead chain is consisted of ball-shaped links that are connected with small breaks between them. Bead chains are generally used for dog tags, keychains and ornamental jewelry.


      • Omega Chain

      An omega chain is a notably shiny chain formed by flat plates crimped together over a mesh interior. The omega chain has a semi-rigid structure, which gives it a unique look. An omega chain is perfect to wear as is or to wear with a slide pendant. It is usually a short chain that can be worn as a choker.

      • Snake Chain

      A snake chain is not made up of traditional links. It has round, wavy metal plate looking links that are joined together forming a flexible chain. The end result is a smooth, round look with a zigzag pattern, resembling that of a snake.
      • Box Chain

      A box chain is composed of square links arranged side-by-side to create a smooth, 4-sided shape.
      • Herringbone Chain

      The herringbone chain is formed from pressing v-shaped links, which are arranged in alternating directions. The end result is a flat and fluid design. The “herringbone” pattern was named after the unique skeletal structure of a herring fish.



      necklace clasps
      Jewelry clasps can be really helpful, or really annoying. The clasp might not be the most beautiful feature of the piece of jewelry, but it is probably the most important! Though you want your necklace to have style, you also want it to stay on. Finding  the right type of chain clasp is important to make sure your jewelry is wearable, so you can continue to wear it everyday! Check out the differences in these necklace clasp types:


      Spring Ring

      The spring ring clasp is one of the most common types of clasps you will see on all kinds of jewelry pieces. As the name suggests, the metal ring has a spring mechanism. To open the spring ring clasp, pull back on the small lever and the spring will compress. This will leave an opening for you to slide the jump ring inside. Releasing the lever causes the clasp to lock automatically. The spring ring clasp is very versatile and secure. However, it can be difficult to fasten this type of clasp with one hand and particularly if the clasp is super small.

      Lobster Claw

      The lobster clasp is named for its resemblance to a lobster claw. It is a spring-loaded and self-closing style of clasp. To open the lobster clasp, simply push down on the lever with your thumb and the bottom of the “claw” will swing inward. To close, release the lever. Lobster clasps are available in a variety of sizes, including a swivel style in which the clasp can rotate 360 degrees independently of the jewelry. The swivel style lobster clasp is ideal for jewelry that tends to move around a lot, like bracelets and anklets.

      Toggle Clasp

      The toggle clasp is a very unique style of clasp. It is made of 2 distinctly different pieces: an open circle is at one end, while the other end has a long bar, or “T.” To close the toggle clasp, the bar is slipped through the open circle. Toggle clasps come in many different sizes and embellishments, and can be used on any type of jewelry. Usually, toggle clasps are designed to add an aesthetic design and a decorative accent. Toggle clasps are best used on heavier pieces of jewelry to ensure that there is enough pressure so that the bar doesn’t slip out during wear.

      Barrel Clasp

      Barrel clasps are made of two metal pieces that screw together. Each piece is attached to one end of the piece of jewelry and, when screwed together, resemble a barrel. These clasps are very versatile, come in many different finishes and sizes, and can even be decorative. Often, they are simple, either solid gold or silver, and designed to blend in with the rest of the jewelry. The main drawback to this kind of clasp is that it requires two hands to fasten, so it’s not ideal unless you have another person to help you put it on.

      Fishhook Clasp

      The fishhook clasp is a less popular type of clasp. One end is a metal hook, and the other is a oval box. The hook is fastened inside the oval box, and can sometimes even lock due to a spring mechanism. Fishhook clasps can be really ornate and decorated with diamonds. This type of clasp can be tricky one-handed, and is more popular for a necklace than a bracelet.

      Magnetic Clasp

      A magnetic clasp is composed of two magnetic pieces that attract one another and snap together. Magnetic clasps come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles -- magnetic clasps can be square, rectangular round, small, large, delicate, or texturized with rhinestones. These clasps are easy to fasten, work well with all types of jewelry, and are particularly good for older women with limited dexterity.

      So, you know now which types of chains you like best and which chain clasps are best for you, but, what length?


      Although there are so many people buying new jewelry, not everyone knows the different lengths of necklaces. It can be difficult to determine which length necklace you should get, so understanding this can make purchasing the right length of the necklace a lot easier. There will always be varieties of how you can wear them but here are the typical lengths of necklace designs:
      • Collar - 12 - 14 inches
      • Choker - 14 - 16 inches
      • Princess - 16 - 18 inches
      • Matinee - 20 - 22 inches
      • Opera - 30 - 36 inches
      • Rope - 36 inches and above


      At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we carry a large variety of necklaces in Boca Raton.  Below are some of the styles of necklaces that we have found to be most popular. 

      Pendant Necklace

      two tone diamond fashion pendant
      A pendant is a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain of any length worn around the neck. It can be worn on a chain as short as a choker to a very long opera chain. Today, the most popular way to wear a pendant necklace is to layer multiple pendant necklaces. Pendants come in many shapes and styles and because of this they are probably the most popular style of necklace. Pendants can range from a simple, delicate design to an intricate statement piece. Shop for diamond pendants in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.


      Diamond Tennis Necklace

      platinum graduated diamond tennis necklace

       The classic diamond tennis necklace contains a single, long strand of diamonds that are carefully matched for size, cut and clarity. When worn, it will appear to be a strand of diamonds floating around the neck. A diamond riviera necklace is very similar to the tennis necklace but instead of a strand of diamonds that are equal in size, the riviera contains a strand of graduated diamonds. Tennis necklaces are customizable by carat, length, style, and by selecting 14kt or 18kt white, yellow or rose gold, or Platinum. Diamond tennis necklaces can be worn everyday but are mainly worn for special events or occasions. The tennis necklace will always remain timeless in design. Shop for diamond tennis necklaces in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.




      Choker Necklace 

      yellow gold diamond choker necklace
      A choker is a close-fitting necklace worn around the neck. The average length of a choker necklace is 16 inches or less, which allows it to sit high on the neck or rest on the collarbone. Chokers look best when worn with a v-neck shirt or a scoop neck. You could pair a thin choker that sits high on the neck with a longer length necklace for a nice contrast. For a different look, you could even add a pendant on it. Shop for diamond chokers in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.

      Religious Necklace

      white gold diamond star of David pendant
      Religious necklaces feature a pendant or charm with a religious symbol like a cross, rosary, Star of David, Hamsa, crucifix and more. Discover our selection of religious necklaces in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.


      Diamond Station Necklace

      white gold diamond station necklace
      A diamond station necklace is a necklace made of multiple bezel set diamonds that are evenly spaced on a delicate gold chain. Diamond station necklaces are totally customizable to your liking. They are customizable by carat, length, and by selecting 14kt or 18kt white, yellow or rose gold, or Platinum. Diamond station
      necklaces will never go out of style and can be worn everyday or a nice evening out on the town. 
      Shop for diamond station necklaces in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor. 


      Diamond Necklaces in Boca Raton

      At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we carry a large variety of diamond necklaces, diamond pendants, diamond chokers, tennis necklaces, nameplates, diamond Star of David's, diamond crosses, sapphire necklaces, emerald necklaces, ruby necklaces, opal necklaces and much more. Whatever your taste, you are sure to find the perfect option at our jewelry store in Boca Raton.

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