A Guide to Eternity Bands

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A Guide to Eternity Bands

An eternity band is a type of ring set in usually either gold or platinum, that features a continuous line of identically cut diamonds or gemstones all around its entire band, attracting attention at every angle. Eternity bands have always symbolized everlasting love and are often gifted to a loved one on special occasions and other important milestones, such as an anniversary.

white gold diamond eternity band


When buying an eternity band, there are some aspects to consider.
Eternity bands are primarily available in gold and platinum, the two most precious of metals. Besides choosing the type and color of metal for the ring, the other things to consider will be the shape and color of the stones, the setting style, and finger size.


At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we custom craft every eternity band to order to precisely fit the wearer's finger since they generally cannot be sized. The correct finger size is so crucial when it comes to an eternity band. This is because the diamonds/gemstones will be spaced out to fit evenly around your finger and the number of stones and total carat weight of your eternity ring depends on the ring size. (For example: a size 7 ring will have more diamonds than a size 5.)


Like other jewelry, there’s no “best” metal for a diamond eternity ring. Instead, the type and color of metal you choose — typically white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum — is usually based on your personal tastes and preferences.
Eternity rings are designed for everyday wear, meaning the materials used to create them tend to be durable. Both 18K and 14K gold in all colors, as well as platinum, are more than durable enough to be used for an everyday wear eternity band.


At our Boca Raton jewelry store, our team hand selects each stone that goes into every eternity band. When selecting these stones, there are important factors that we keep in mind. For instance, diamond quality. If the eternity ring will be worn next to an engagement ring or wedding band, the 4C's should be similar. It is also of interest to choose more colorless diamonds, like a G or H color grade if the eternity ring is going to be set in platinum or white gold rather than yellow or rose gold.

But the most important diamond quality factor is that the diamonds in the eternity band should match, not only in color and clarity but in cut and overall appearance. Our experts at Devon's Diamonds & Decor spend a lot of time matching diamonds to create perfectly matched eternity rings. It’s part of the seamless endless circle effect: you want to make sure none of the diamonds are dark or too shallow so they look out of place in the circle.


There is a large variety of diamond shapes available; making the possibilities endless when it comes to designing an eternity band. Although, round brilliant diamonds have always been the most commonly used shape for eternity bands.


Round cut diamonds are stones that represent class and a love for all things timeless. For a classic statement, round brilliant diamond eternity bands offer an unmatched brilliance and are beautiful worn solo or stacked with your engagement ring or other sparkling bands. 


Oval eternity bands offer a wider visual spread of each stone for a statement look and maximal sparkle. The oval diamond eternity band showcases the brilliance of each stone. For a stylish twist, setting the oval diamonds horizontally instead of vertically offers an unexpected design that pairs perfectly with oval cut engagement rings.


Sleek and geometric, emerald eternity bands are a perfect pairing with emerald engagement rings or in a stack with other emerald or asscher eternities. Emerald cut eternity bands bring an elegant appeal with their clean design. The unique look of the emerald cut diamond is created by the step cuts of its pavilion and its large, open table. Instead of the sparkle of a brilliant round, emerald cut diamonds produce a hall-of-mirrors effect.


Similar to emerald cut eternity bands, an asscher cut eternity band delivers a clean, sharp look. The large step facets, higher crown, and smaller table of an asscher cut eternity band allows them to produce more brilliance than their emerald cut counterparts. The cropped corners give the asscher cut a somewhat octagonal shape. Asscher cut diamonds were first developed in 1902, so the geometric shape works well with Art Deco and other modern styles.


The pear shaped diamond eternity band is truly a piece of art. While pear shaped diamonds are normally set with the tapered point aimed at the end of the finger, the pear diamond eternity band offers this beautiful cut yet even another stunning look. Also referred to as the “teardrop cut”, this diamond is a hybrid of the marquise and round brilliant. It bridges the gap between rounded and angular stones in a bright and brilliant ring.


For something more unique, radiant cut eternity bands are a striking option that serves up major sparkle. Like the emerald cut, radiant cut diamonds have straight edges and cut corners but feature brilliant faceting. Elongated radiants appear larger than square radiants and are especially eye-catching in a uniform eternity band. 


This timeless diamond shape features large facets that maximize brilliance and rounded corners that create a soft and romantic feel. Since this shape has been sought after for centuries, cushion cut diamonds pair especially well with vintage-inspired ring settings.


Known for its long and narrow pointed shape, the marquise-cut is essentially a modified brilliant diamond and, as a result, appears larger than it actually is. Because of the pointed edges the gems create an illusion of greater size and makes the wearer’s finger look slimmer and slender.  


A beautiful alternative to diamond eternity bands are colored gemstones. Colored stones add a certain flair and tend to be less costly than an eternity band set only with diamonds. They are usually set with precious gemstones interspersed with diamonds. The most commonly used gemstones in eternity bands are emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. At Devon's Diamonds & Decor we will help you choose the perfect eternity band that suits you. 


Eternity bands come in different settings and each one has its own unique style. There are four main types of eternity band settings: prong-setchannel-setpave-setand bezel-set. At Devon's Diamonds & Decor located in Boca Raton, we offer eternity bands in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Prong-Set Eternity Band

prong set diamond eternity band boca raton

This is the most commonly used stone setting for eternity bands. If you look from the top, you will see a bit of an overlap from the metal that holds the gem or diamond in place. This setting allows the stone to shimmer at its best because the prongs do not completely cover the stone. There are three different styles of Prong-Set eternity bands: Shared Prong, 4-Prong, and Common Prong.

  • Shared Prong

In a shared prong setting, each diamond/gemstone shares one set of prongs with the diamond/gemstone next to it. With less visible metal, more light can pass through each stone. The most common style of shared prong settings and the setting that we always recommend here at Devon's Diamonds & Decor is the U-Design. This particular setting is scooped out on the sides (in the shape of a U) to allow lots of light to enter from the facets of each diamond.
  • 4-Prong

In a 4-prong setting, as the name suggests, each diamond/gemstone is held by four prongs. This is the most secure option compared to the other setting styles, although it contains the most metal. 
  • Common Prong

In a common prong setting, there is only one prong in between each diamond/gemstone. At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we do not often recommend this setting style because it is more prone to loose
 and/or lost diamonds frequently. (This is not a good setting for people that are rough with their hands.) 

Channel-Set Eternity Band

 diamond eternity band boca raton
This type of setting is achieved by using two metals to hold the stone in place. It is a more modern type of ring setting where two 'channels' of metal are used in the two edges of the ring to support the stone. There is a groove created in this setting that gives the  stones a floating appearance.

Pave-Set Eternity Band

pave set diamond eternity band boca raton

 In this particular setting, the diamonds are held in place with metal prongs or beads, creating the appearance of a line of continuous small diamonds. The diamonds are recessed into the band and provide a seamless and subtle sparkle. When you see this setting, it appears that there is no metal between the diamonds — at least when you look at it with the naked eye — however, there are very tiny beads holding the diamonds in place. The word pavé comes from the fact that this type of ring looks like it is ‘paved’ with diamonds. This setting is best for smaller diamond or gemstone eternity bands.

Bezel-Set Eternity Band

diamond eternity band boca raton

This setting encases the diamond or gemstone by surrounding it with metal, making it the safest type of setting. This setting holds diamonds and gemstones snugly and gives them a charming frame. Unlike the prong setting or pave setting with closer stone appearance, the bezel setting gives each stone a good exposure.


Eternity bands are traditionally given as gifts, often to celebrate a major milestone in a marriage or other romantic relationship. For example, it’s become something of a modern tradition to gift an eternity ring on major anniversaries and other significant occasions.

Commonly given for milestone wedding anniversaries (i.e. 5th, 10th, 20th, 25th), eternity bands can also be a gift for:

  • Special birthdays
  • Push present (the birth of a child)
  • Celebrations of an exciting milestone
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays

Whether you’re looking for a classic diamond eternity band or one with colorful gemstones; it is a gift that will be cherished for an ETERNITY.

Diamond Eternity Bands Boca Raton

The experts at Devon's Diamonds & Decor can hand craft any diamond eternity band, or any piece of jewelry to your exact specifications. Custom designed jewelry is a passion of ours and spans everything from eternity bands to complete sets of fine jewelry. Check out the easy custom design process online or visit our jewelry store in Boca Raton. 

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