How To Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

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How To Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

The second most exciting thing about getting engaged: telling the world that you’re engaged. So if you just got engaged, chances are you will be sharing the great news through an Instagram engagement ring selfie. The ring selfie is something sacred so by following these simple rules, you are guaranteed to get the photo just right.  


engagement ring on hand in front of flowers

A scenic background compliments any selfie. This could include a decorated wall or a beautiful area outside somewhere. To make your ring really pop, keep the background simple and pretty. Our eyes are instantly drawn to the brightest part of any photo, so shoot on darker backgrounds to bring the ring into focus. 


woman holding out manicured hand with diamond engagement ring

No woman wants a picture of her hand without it being manicured so a fresh manicure is a must in this case. Stick to neutral colors or soft pinks as to not distract from the ring. Extended nails create an illusion that your fingers are longer and sexier. Everyone wants to see the ring, but no one wants to see your hangnails. If your fiancé caught you with a surprise proposal and you're due for a manicure, but just can't wait to snap a photo, put on a little lotion and get creative with your pose. You can even hold hands with your fiancé and frame your nails out of the shot.




lady holding a coffee mug with a diamond engagement ring on her finger

The position of your hand is key when it comes to taking a ring selfie. Your hand is the portal to how people view your engagement ring. Not only does a champagne glass work as a classy prop, or even a cute coffee mug with a quote on it, but
holding it up will position your hand perfectly. A stiff hand will look weird and unflattering in pictures. Hand models know just how to keep their hand loose in pictures, so if you can, try to relax your hand so your shot looks a little more natural.


diamond engagement ring on hand

No flash! The flash feature on your phone will not be suitable enough to give you that perfect shot. More often than not it will cause too much reflection on the diamond and make the color of the photo look “washed out”. Instead find some
 bright natural light to show off your skin tone and sparkling stone.  A room with skylights on a sunny day will be ideal.


up-close photo of a diamond engagement ring

Avoid the temptation to use the zoom feature on your smartphone.  When taking a close up photo, using additional zoom can distort and decrease the quality of the shot. Take the photo with the zoom panned all the way out.  You can always crop
out the excess afterwards.


diamond engagement ring on woman's hand

After you’ve snapped several pics, it’s time to use a photo editing application to make the picture come out perfect. Adding a photo filter helps amplify the sparkle to help show friends & family how brilliant your ring really is. Quick tip: Increase the sharpness to highlight the little details and show the dimensions of the stones. 



Now that we’ve given you a secret insight on how to take the perfect selfie, you should be a natural. Taking a good engagement ring selfie shouldn’t be something that stresses you out. Don’t take it too seriously. Have fun with it. This is part of the celebration of getting engaged. Enjoy this moment.

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