Everyday Jewelry Essentials

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Everyday Jewelry Essentials

Some pieces of jewelry are perfectly acceptable to wear all the time. For people that are married, one such item is the wedding band. If you like to keep track of time or simply like the style, a watch is always acceptable. But how do you choose which staple jewelry pieces are the perfect go-to for your daily look?

Your jewelry collection should include pieces that give your everyday outfits a touch of luxury and by choosing the right pieces of jewelry, you can easily elevate your look on a daily basis. These pieces of jewelry should match with everything and turn the simplest of styles (like your favorite jeans or that little black dress) into stand-out looks. When considering what will complement your everyday style, you’ll want to make sure to meet a certain set of criteria. Check out what Devon's Diamonds & Decor recommends for jewelry you’ll be excited to wear and never want to take off.



tri color diamond stackable rings
Stackable rings have grown in popularity in the last few years. Stacking your rings allows you to wear your favorites and really show off your personal style. To nail this must-have look, choose rings made from different colored metals or decorated with diamonds and colored gemstones. Shop for stackable rings in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.


long diamond station necklace
Perfect for layering with other necklaces, wrapping to make the appearance of two necklaces or worn singularly on its own, a long chain necklace is one of the most versatile and elegant pieces you can add to your wardrobe. Similar to how scarves and belts are worn; long necklaces are perfect over dresses, or a tunic. Shop for a long necklace in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.  




yellow gold diamond hoop earrings
From statement huggies to two-inch loops, high polish or matte finish, white, yellow or rose gold, hoop earrings always look gorgeous on everyone. Sometimes, a simple hoop can add just the right amount of interest to your look, particularly when you plan to wear your hair up. A pair of discreet gold hoops ensures that even on a jeans-and-t-shirt day, you still feel polished. Shop for hoop earrings in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor. 



white gold oval diamond stud earrings
A gorgeous pair of diamond stud earrings is a must in every jewelry collection and are the perfect earrings for everyday wear. The wonderful thing about studs is that they suit every woman. This is the case regardless of face shape, hair color, and
wardrobe preferences. Appropriate for every occasion, studs can be small enough to be elegant and understated. But they can also be large and bold, accenting your wardrobe in just the right way. S
hop for diamond stud earrings in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.





yellow gold diamond bracelet
We love bracelets alone or stacked with a favorite watch. A single bracelet can transform any outfit, making it an everyday jewelry must-have. You can go for a cuff bracelet which is known for its width, brightness, and cuff-like appearance. Or youmay want to consider thinner bracelets that stack in layers on your arm. If you wear both white and yellow gold, a two-tone bracelet  guarantees that you will match with whatever you decide to accessorize it with and tie your whole look together. Or if you're showing off your elegant attire, you may want to go for a diamond bracelet. There is no wrong way to accessorize with bracelets; it's strictly preference. Shop for bracelets in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.









tri color diamond statement ring
While simple gold bands should serve as the foundation of your ring collection, there's no harm in rocking a single statement piece for everyday wear. Whether
you're going out for dinner or typing away at your work computer, you can show off your lovely fingers with an beautiful statement ring. Shop statement rings in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor.



white gold diamond cluster pendant necklace
A necklace is often the final piece to make any look polished. A delicate pendant
makes a statement on its own and is even better when layered with other favorites. Whether it be honoring a certain religion such as a cross or Star of David,
 or even just a simple diamond solitaire pendant or diamond heart, you can't go wrong with whatever the style is because it's yours. Shop for pendants in Boca Raton at Devon's Diamonds & Decor. 


Everyday Jewelry Near Me

Selecting jewelry essentials is a serious task. It is important to select pieces that are versatile, taking you from morning to night while accenting your current wardrobe in the process. Stop by our family-owned and operated jewelry store in Boca Raton to pick out your next piece of jewelry for every day wear.

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