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Trending: Name Necklaces

It’s no secret that personalized jewelry is a wonderful gift, no matter what the occasion. It’s a gift that makes for a beautiful accessory today and a treasured heirloom in the future. This year, personalized nameplate necklaces are completely on-trend, making it the perfect gift for your partner, friend, or family member.

A nameplate necklace, or a name necklace, comes in many styles. Some designs feature a bar that can be inscribed or engraved, while others display just the name, initials or a monogram. At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we make our name necklaces to order and customize them to the person's preference. 

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Name necklaces are not a new trend. Their popularity started in the 80s, signified by urban culture. As hip hop became more mainstream, so did the nameplate necklace, especially those yellow gold necklaces that we all know as the classic name necklace.The goal was to express everyone’s most unique identifier: their own name. Name pendants signify a unifying history that connects names, families, and friends together. 

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Name necklaces come in a variety of fonts and finishes and can even be embellished with diamonds or engraved. From smaller, understated name necklaces to diamond covered, blingy name necklaces, they all have great appeal. Name necklaces are timeless - every woman needs at least one. 

When purchasing a name necklace, there are some buying tips to know. This is to ensure you buy a name necklace that you or a loved one will cherish for years.



The majority of manufacturers have a collection of premade names, which include common or currently popular ones. But at Devon's Diamonds & Decor, we generally don't use those manufacturers with the premade name necklaces. Our family of fourth generation jewelers specializes in custom jewelry design and mostly every name necklace that has been purchased in our Boca Raton jewelry store has been made to order and customized according to the person's preference.


Name necklaces come in different styles. You can choose the font, the design, the symbols, and any other unique styles. If you’re buying a name necklace as a gift, always keep the wearer’s preferences in mind. For instance, traditional name necklaces feature the name as a horizontal bar with a chain that attaches to the first and last letters. Newer iterations present the name as a vertical or horizontal bar and has an engraved name or initials on it. While less common, these styles are considered contemporary, and depending on their style, can be on-trend.


At Devon's Diamonds & Decor, our custom name necklaces are available in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. If you're looking for a less expensive option, sterling silver is available as well. The metal and materials should be of the wearer’s preference. This can be difficult if you’re buying a necklace for a loved one. Try and see what type of jewelry they wear to get an idea of their metal preferences.


The name necklaces that are sold at our jewelry store in Boca Raton are commonly made with chain lengths between 14 and 18 inches; which means they rest either just above or below the clavicle. It all depends on the wearer's preference. 


The average name necklace is two to five inches long, depending on the style as well as the length of the name. Smaller styles are popular for those who prefer understated jewelry for everyday wear or if you like to keep up with trends and layer your necklaces. For those who prefer statement pieces, you can go as big as you like.


The most common font style for name necklaces in Boca Raton is forward-leaning script. Contemporary name necklaces can feature script, italics, or block letters. They're also available in a wide variety of fonts, many of which are modern or edgy. Since Devon's Diamonds & Decor makes all of their name necklaces to order, the options of customization are pretty much endless.


Embellished styles of name necklaces are popular if you like a little bling in your life. They feature diamond or gemstone encrusted letters throughout the name or are added as an accent by focusing the embellishment on the first letter. A popular embellished style has been a more sentimental one with using the wearer's birthstone.

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There's no longer just one style name necklace--you have everything from script name necklaces to monogram, vertical name necklaces to bar name necklaces. Give the unique gift of a custom name necklace from Devon's Diamonds & Decor. You can choose from a variety of metal colors when making a name necklace. Add an elegant touch with cursive script or show some love with a name framed in a heart border. A personalized necklace is the perfect sentiment for any occasion. Stop by our jewelry store in Boca Raton to create your customized name necklace today.

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