Tips for Stacking Jewelry

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Tips for Stacking Jewelry

Stacking jewelry is a method to make your style uniquely you. Whether it be stacking rings, bracelets or necklaces, the stacking trend has been popular for quite some time now. If you are unsure how to go about stacking jewelry, here is a guide to help you better understand how to go about this popular trend.


Here are some tips to stack your rings:  
  • Mixing Metals. This new trend is mixing metals. Not just mixing two metal colors, but mixing all three metal colors: white, rose and yellow. Mixing metals was once perceived as messy, but is now one of the chicest and most exciting ways to accessorize. Typically, if you are only doing a three-band layered look, you would always place white gold in the center, between the yellow gold and rose gold bands. This creates the ultimate balance between the metals.
  • Bold Bands. By adding color, we create a bold statement to this stackable band look. Just like placing a white gold band at the center of a three-band stack, a colorful band at the center of a five-band stack becomes a strong epicenter that maintains the balance.

If you plan on designing a stack out of all gemstone bands but want to maintain a refined look, it is best to keep the colors monochromatic or within the same color family. Monochromatic means all the gems are the same hue, just different tones, like wearing different shades of blue.



Here are some tips to stack your necklaces:

  • Vary necklaces by length. Don’t try to wear multiple layered chains of the same length. You will end up with all your necklaces in disarray, jumbling up in a tangled mess. When you stagger your necklace mix by length, every piece will lay flat on its own, allowing others to appreciate the detail in each piece. 
  • Choose a piece to be the center. When you don’t know where to start in stacking necklaces, think about your most favorite necklace or the necklace that reflects your current mood. This will be the foundation for your layered necklace set.
    • A bold centerpiece: What you can do is wear a single bold piece say a pearl or diamond necklace, or a colorful gemstone necklace as a standout and add 2 to 3 layers of fine chains with different lengths. If you always wear a religious pendant, then let the pendant take center stage while subtly adding longer plainer necklaces.
    • Different lengths with multiple pendants: You can also wear several pendants of same or different lengths, wearing at different positions against your neckline, not unlike a makeshift charm bracelet. It certainly adds a delightful twist.
  • Mix and match chain patterns.Throw on a few delicate chains with different textures; it can be a delicate ball chain, knotted chain or beaded, a combination of all goes a long way to style even your most basic outfit. 



Here are some tips to stack your bracelets:
  • Pick a Focal Point. Any great bracelet stack starts with a focal point. The rest of the bracelets accent that main piece to create a textured, interesting look. Pick a favorite bracelet you’ve always loved or a piece that perfectly matches your outfit and then choose other bracelets that highlight it without overwhelming your focal point.
  • Add Accents. With your focal point bracelet selected, you can choose accent pieces that complement it. Those accent bracelets don’t have to match the main piece exactly. In fact, the stack usually looks better when you mix things up and get creative.

  • Mix Materials. Forget the rules about only pairing like materials. When stacking bracelets, anything goes. Mixing different textures and materials makes the combination visually interesting. When choosing materials, consider the overall look you want.
  • Incorporate Various Sizes. Size is a way to add variety to your bracelet arrangement. It’s best to stick to one or two larger pieces to avoid creating a clunky, heavy look on your wrist. An easy way to mix in different sizes is by choosing varying types of bracelets, which tend to come in different widths.
  • Play With Color. Another way to add visual interest while tying together the look of your bracelet stack is through the use of color. One color or color family for all the bracelets creates a stunning monochromatic look. Choose a color that complements your outfit or one that stands out for a noticeable look.

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