Anniversary Jewelry Gift Guide

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Anniversary Jewelry Gift Guide

Anniversaries have a special place in our hearts. For every year you’ve been together, another year of love and partnership has blossomed. They can be as exciting as your first year dating or as honorary as your fiftieth year married. Each anniversary is just as important as the last and should be celebrated with as much love as the first.

Anniversary jewelry gifts are a great way to remind your partner of the loving devotion you share all year long. Each anniversary can be represented by a gift of gemstones or a metal used in jewelry. When you’re shopping for your special anniversary, this guide will send you in the right direction...



1st Anniversary Jewelry: GOLD or PERIDOT

two tone gold link bracelet
You’ve made it through your first year! Hitting that 1 year mark is a fantastic milestone in a couple’s life. Most couples are probably still in the honeymoon phase and all is right with their world, but starting a life together may not leave a whole lot of disposable income. Gifting gold jewelry in Boca Raton is an excellent way to mark the occasion, as gold symbolizes eternity, perfection, and unification. So keep things simple, yet elegant, with a piece of gold jewelry. Think timeless gold necklace or gold bracelet for her, maybe starting a tradition with a charm bracelet you can add to with the signature gem for subsequent anniversaries or other significant events in your life together. For him, a gold necklace or cuff links. Along with gifting gold for the 1st anniversary, the gemstone Peridot is often gifted as a piece of jewelry as well. Peridot is a bright green gemstone thought to help ward off evil and is a unique option for an affordable one-year wedding anniversary gift.

5th Anniversary Jewelry: SAPPHIRE

platinum blue sapphire and diamond ring
After five years of marriage, couples have put down solid roots for a strong relationship. Couples give one another a sapphire jewelry gift on their 5th anniversary as a reminder of the love they’ve shared, and as a symbol of strength
and hope for the years of marriage to come. Sapphire is a hard, durable gemstone that can stand the test of time. Symbolizing purity, loyalty, and trust, a sapphire ring, sapphire earrings, or sapphire pendant is an investment in your bond.




10th Anniversary Jewelry: DIAMOND


white gold diamond pendant
A decade together is a major milestone and is something to be honored and celebrated. You’ve shown that your marriage is a strong one, and what better way to honor that than with the most reliable, most durable of all gemstones, diamonds? Diamonds symbolize long-lasting love and devotion. Their brilliant sparkle and shine will be an everlasting reminder of your love for each other, which has only intensified over the past ten years. The 10th anniversary is a big one and might have you thinking of making a grand gesture and diamond jewelry certainly fits the bill. Some popular 10th anniversary gifts in Boca Raton are diamond stud earrings, a diamond tennis bracelet, or a stunning diamond pendant.

20th Anniversary Jewelry: EMERALD

emerald and diamond cuff bracelet
Twenty years and still going strong! That’s a major milestone that not all couples get to meet. Emerald is the gemstone that is associated with 20th wedding anniversaries. Emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus and known to preserve love, making it the perfect 20th anniversary gift in Boca Raton. From understated emerald necklaces to custom emerald rings, emeralds are a unique way to say I love you and would make your 20th anniversary celebration even more memorable.

25th Anniversary Jewelry: SILVER

sterling silver cz ring
The 25th anniversary year is known as the Silver Jubilee Anniversary. Jubilee means a special anniversary of one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years. This anniversary is quite special as there are only two jubilees. It has been said that gemstone silver represents hope and unconditional love and it is also considered to be sacred and even possesses mystical powers. Make the anniversary milestone special by opting for a silver-tone. There’s so much available in sterling silver for both him and her, from jewelry to home accents, that you could — and should— splurge. Perhaps gifting a nice pair of sterling silver bracelet or a sterling silver ring. You don’t need to limit yourself to only silver, either. Embrace the color, and you can include metal watches or white gold or platinum jewelry for both. Having these gifts personalized is another perfect way to celebrate a quarter-century of love and commitment to one another.

30th Anniversary Jewelry: PEARL

pearl and diamond drop earrings
After 30 years of marriage, is there any better way to describe your relationship than timeless? Both cultured and natural pearls are created by layers — a nice metaphor for the years and love that have grown over time. Believed to bring happiness to the wearer, pearls are known for their ability to add elegance to any outfit. Whether a ppearl necklace, or pearl earrings, celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary with pearls is a classic choice and would make this milestone year special with the enduring sophistication of pearl.

40th Anniversary Jewelry: RUBY

ruby and diamond ring
The 40th year anniversary gift is all about red. Red is the color of love, so it’s no surprise that rubies, and all ruby jewelry, represents the tradition of 40 years together. Known for their fiery red color,  are said to possess a flame that never burns out; quite like your commitment to one another after 40 years of marriage. Versatile and eye-catching, a ruby necklace, ruby bracelet, or ruby ring is perfect for this special occasion.

50th Anniversary Jewelry: GOLD

yellow gold diamond pendant
Dubbed the “golden anniversary”, a marriage that lasts for 50 years is truly remarkable. Just like your first anniversary, gold is also the metal associated with your 50th anniversary. Gold jewelry is such a meaningful symbol for a love that’s lasted as long as yours. As your commitment to each other, gold is also strong and resistant to wear. Gold is also a symbol of success. Gifts of gold jewelry in Boca Raton are the perfect representation of a couple’s accomplishment of maintaining their relationship for half a century! After years of anniversaries, take your gift-giving back to basics with an elegant gold necklace with diamonds, gold and diamond bracelet or a pair of yellow diamond stud earrings.



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